GCMA Midlands Region

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Your participation will be greatly appreciated by the Regional Committee in trying to provide relevant meeting content for Working Managers. 

Educational Presentations only
Time for an Open Forum & Regional Development discussion? (see note below)
Include "Sales Pitch" presentations?
A balanced mix of all these?
Within the context of this survey, "Sales Pitch" is defined as a presentation by a commercial organisation who see our meetings as a selling opportunity from which they ultimately hope to make profit.  

Irrecoverable VAT accounting software
Alternative Payroll processing (as opposed to using say, Sage Payroll)
Membership Retention and recruitment
Localised co-operation and marketing initiatives
All, or part of the Steven Brown presentation on Service Standards, recently cancelled


I find it difficult to find the time to attend.
My club does not support my attending.
The locations are wrong.
Travel time is a major factor.
I find the content uninspiring.
I do my best to attend, but something always seems to crop up

The Midland Region stretches from Buxton in the North, to Oxford in the South and Owestry in the West to Northampton in the East. Whilst the Region is blessed (or cursed) with the M6/M5/M54/M42/M40/M69 motorways, they are very frequently car parks or construction sites of epic proportions. This does not make for ease of travel to and from meetings etc. The Regional Committee have given some consideration to 'sectoring' the region, and possibly organising the same educational meeting in each 'sector', carved from the region to give maximum travel times in the order of 30-45 minutes.

This would not mean that the current programme of Spring and Autumn meetings would be changed because it would still be important to retain the Regionlal context, and the benefits that brings. The Winter Conference would then be rotated around the 'sectors'.

If the region was 'sectored' please indicate in the box below if you would be interested in becoming involved as a local contact, working with the Regional Manager, to co-ordinate events in your 'sector'.

Yes, I would support the change
No, I see no reason for change
Maybe, I would like the committee to crystallise their ideas, and report back
Yes, I would be happy to volunteer as a 'sector' co-ordinator


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